Your Portal to the P2P Internet

A Suite of Peer-to-Peer Tools for Communications, Data Transport, and Payments, Built Directly Into the Web Browser

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Regain Control of Your Data, Identity, and Communications

Secure Messaging

Real-time, end-to-end encrypted messaging and file-sharing between peers, via DIDComm

Group Video Calls

Connect and collaborate in confidence with ultra-secure, high-resolution, multi-party P2P video calls

Live Docs

Connect privately with peers to collaborate in a real-time P2P shared workspace, directly from within the Impervious Browser

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

DIDs allow users to cryptographically control their identity and designate how they’d like to exchange data

The New Internet Starts Now

The World’s First Bitcoin Lightning-Native Web Browser

Encrypted Messaging

Send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages, files and media privately -between peers

All messages are cryptographically signed and verified; No third-party intermediaries to survey, capture, or manipulate message content

Group Video Calls

Encrypted P2P group video and audio calls, with no third-party intermediaries

Real-time communications and file-sharing via mesh connections, with streaming Bitcoin Lightning payments built into the rails
Censorship and surveillance resistant

Live Docs

Create, collaborate, and edit documents P2P, in real-time, directly from the Impervious Browser

Live Docs are end-to-end encrypted, shared only between peers and stored locally

Bitcoin Lightning-Native

Connect a Lightning node to enable streaming payments between peers and to optionally route messaging data over the Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Impervious Browser's Decentralized Messaging Communications ("DIDComm") system utilizes both peer relays and the Bitcoin Lightning Network to establish real-time, cryptographically-secure, data transmission channels

Stream Bitcoin Lightning payments during video calls, while using end-to-end encrypted messaging or from the dashboard

Privacy Focused Web Browser

The Impervious Browser is an open source, privacy-first browser that doesn’t track, collect or share user behavior or data

Privacy benefits include no collection of user telemetry data

The World’s First Bitcoin Lightning-Native Web Browser

Connect a Lightning Node to leverage the Bitcoin Lightning Network as an application signaling layer, routing all application messaging through the network for maximum privacy and control, with P2P payments built in

Decentralize Identifiers (DIDs)

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a cryptographically-controlled identity layer that allows users to authenticate identity and designate how they’d like to send/receive information in the P2P internet

Open source

The Impervious Browser and its underlying DIDComm infrastructure is free and open source
The Impervious Browser’s open source code enables application interoperable, P2P, end-to-end encrypted messaging, video calls, collaborative documents, payments and more


DIDComm is data transport agnostic and resistant to censorship and surveillance
The Impervious Browser relies on four transport methods: the Lightning Network, HTTP(S), GRPC, and WebRTC. Developers can leverage DIDs and DIDComm to give users control of their data and to support cross-platform interoperability