Impervious API: Your portal to the p2p internet

Impervious API is a programmatic layer that sits on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, i.e. "Layer 3." Developers can leverage the Impervious API to easily build secure p2p data transmissions and payments into their applications and services.

1. Truly peer-to-peer (like the Internet was meant to be)

2. Censorship and surveillance resistant

3. Default encrypted

4. Payments built in

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Impervious API

We make it easy for developers to integrate cryptographically secure payments and data transfers - p2p - via IMP API.

Designed for developers

Establish p2p, Cryptographically Secure Communications Channels

Impervious enables applications and services to build on and implement the p2p internet.


Why Impervious

Circumventing digital intermediaries and establishing p2p data transmissions is a panacea for consumer privacy, data security, censorship resistance, and countering surveillance.

Censorship resistant VPN
Censorship & surveillance resistant Encrypted messaging + payments
A decentralized command and control system for your network of machines
Streaming payments for video, audio, and content streams
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